Buy and sell security tokens

Fountain provides the easiest access to trade digital securites directly with others.


Access trading of all your security tokens in one place - Fountain supports the major standards.


Stay in control of your assets at all time - Fountain never touches any of your assets.


Trade directly with others, with no middlemen - Fountain displays trading data, you decide and execute trades.


Enjoy your peace of mind - Fountain strictly complies with the law in a conservative approach.

How to trade

Peer-to-peer, transparent and permissionless trading of any assets in a regulatory compliant way.
Step 1: Choose your type of trade
Step 2: Explore existing orders
Step 3: Make a trade
Step 4: Create an Order
Step 1

Choose your type of trade

Select your trading pair and decide if you want to buy or sell.
Step 2

Explore existing orders

Browse existing orders which other users have submitted to find one which suits you.
Step 3

Make a trade

Accept an existing order and confirm it with your wallet.
Step 4

Create an Order

Don’t find an order you want to match? Create one yourself for others to trade with you.

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